CCTV Solutions

Advanced Telcoms is a direct supplier of the internationally renowned and Israeli engineered PROVISION Video surveillance systems. Boasting the highest quality and latest technology, we provide the entrepreneur with the perfect solution to ensure peace of mind. Advanced Telcoms has earned a strong reputation in supporting the products we sell with the best installation, technical support and customer service in the industry.

PROVISIONS products, systems and accessories meet and exceed the highest standards providing a new level in surveillance monitoring with a clarity you have never imagined possible. In addition to superior image quality our products implement the latest video processing technology and exceptional advanced features including digital image balancing, excellent picture display in all lighting environments, WDR capabilities, privacy masking and advanced noise reduction.

Our products are compatible across all browsers including IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. All major devices such as mobiles and tablets, using both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems are also fully functional.

Key Benefits Of Service

Ensuring that your business is secure is important.

CCTV acts as a crime deterrent and increased safety. Increased safety for you, your employees and your customers is likely a top priority, and a CCTV camera can help achieve that.
If a crime or incident does occur, CCTV can provide evidence needed.
Another advantage is that you can monitor your business from anywhere. Technology allows you to watch the camera feed on your smartphone or via the internet. That means you can check in on your business during off-hours, on weekends or when you’re on vacation

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