Mobile PBX - A New Era in Communication

Advanced Telcoms  specializes in hosted PABX systems. We offer a complete and unified phone solution for businesses that want better service, savings, and features.

We provide pure per second billing on mobile, national and local calls.  With a stable communication line, we guarantee uptime and reduced call rates.

Key Benefits Of Mobile PBX

Costs and savings

Hosted PBX solutions offer a large number of benefits related to costs, especially when compared to conventional telephone services. Some of these costs savings and cost benefits are:

  • Elimination of large upfront investments in bulky telephone systems.
  • No maintenance costs to be incurred by the business organization.
  • Total cost of ownership is thereby lowered significantly.

A business organization does not have to hire and train technical personnel to operate and maintain telephone services.

Mobility and portability

Today, most business organizations are extremely mobile. The workforce can travel all over the world and effective support for such employees can be handled by hosted PBX solutions. Instead of getting tied down to a fixed line telephone system, hosted PBX allows you to carry communication devices all over the world and ensure that you are never out of the loop. Employees can therefore work from literally anywhere and enjoy access to the virtual telephone system.


Growth is inevitable for a successful business organization. Accordingly, it needs its resources to scale up as and when needed as well. With hosted PBX solutions, such scalability is assured and is something that a business organization can rely on effortlessly. Virtual systems can be scaled up in no time whatsoever unlike traditional phone systems. You simply have to notify your hosted PBX service provider and the company will be able to deploy as many lines and communications systems as desired.

Simplicity and ease of use

Every telecom system must be user friendly. This is something that a business organization can certainly enjoy with a hosted PBX infrastructure. Such systems can be up and running in no time whatsoever. Compare this with fixed line communications systems which may take days or even weeks to be installed and you know that you have a good thing going when you opt for a hosted PBX system. The user-friendliness of the system also means that every employee can be familiarized with its features in no time whatsoever and enjoy cutting-edge technology at his or her fingertips.

Business continuity

A business organization cannot afford any kind of disruption in its operations. Unfortunately disruptions can happen due to reasons such as the following:

  • Natural disasters of various kinds.
  • Technological faults.
  • Breakdown in communications systems and even
  • Security breaches of various kinds.

However, when a business organization has effective, secure and reliable hosted PBX services to fall back on, business continuity is something that can be assured.  Simply put, there is no physical equipment that is placed within the premises of a business organization. So, if and when a business organization is hit by some kind of physical catastrophe, it can rest assured that its communications systems are up and running anyways.


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