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In the past ten years Advanced Telcoms has been a trusted and reliable supplier of office automation products, including Mobile PBX, Security Solutions, Multifunction Copiers and services to businesses and schools across South Africa.

The company began life as a mainstream PABX provider in 2010, supplying telecommunication products and services to small, medium and large businesses and schools. Since 2017, we became a Tier 1 telecoms operator.

Combined with Advanced internal infrastructures, processes and procedures that allow for a very easy workflow process for our staff and customers, Advanced Telcoms has great support throughout the business.

Advanced Telcoms’ core focus is the supply of state-of-the-art telephone management systems to South African and international companies. These systems utilize GSM networks and VOIP lines which empower companies to achieve greater flexibility within their office communications networks, in addition to offering substantial cost-savings through lower call charges and the management of business calls. This management tool also enables businesses to monitor call usage and productivity, track missed calls and high call volume peaks, as well as monitor call costs per staff member. This system is beneficial for all operators in various industries as it provides a quick and reliable facility for generating invoices for billing.

Advanced Telcoms competitive advantage is our ability to build custom systems to suit the specific needs of each company or organisation, from a small business to public or private schools, multi-branch companies, and even large multinational corporations. Depending on the needs of each client, a system can be created to offer a bouquet of services, including simple or complex telephone management systems that have the capacity to manage a high volume of calls.

A telephone system is more than just a connection to the world, it also serves as a valuable sales pipeline, and one of our strategic skills is analysing a client’s needs to ensure they aren’t missing out on business if there aren’t enough telephone lines feeding into their PABX. As a Tier 1 telecom operator, Advanced Telcoms can provide and install additional telephone lines into your business faster and far more affordably than traditional telecoms providers – this helps to keep overheads low and boost inbound sales calls.

The copper wire infrastructure used in legacy telecommunications systems is becoming increasingly expensive, unreliable and obsolete. With the roll-out of high-class fibre around South Africa and our new exclusive GSM platform, businesses can now benefit from the dynamic and incredibly flexible VOIP and GSM network that offers extremely quick and inexpensive setup and servicing of telephone lines. The great benefit of these platforms is that they offer per-second billing, along with savings of 30% to 40% on all outgoing calls. A well-planned PABX system will utilise the VOIP network to ensure you have sufficient telephone lines available to handle incoming calls, especially during high-demand periods or when the public is responding to a special offer. There’s no point running a fantastic marketing campaign if customers lose interest because they can’t get through to your advertised telephone number.

Advanced Telcoms recently added a further division to our business, Advanced Data, in response to the unreliable home-based ADSL systems being used by so many smaller businesses. We realised that we can help these businesses take the step up to the next level by supplying them with dedicated, high-speed, wireless data connections and telecoms infrastructure. As this is a cloud-based system, companies will never experience down-time due to cable theft, and it also enables us to attend to technical issues super-fast as we are able to monitor and fix most problems remotely. This frees up our technicians on the road and allows us to guarantee that one of our guys will be on-site (if required) within two hours of your call being logged.

Our status as a Tier 1 telecom operator is a tribute to our track record as a trusted and reliable telecoms provider, and this offers us the added benefit of being able to port a client’s existing landline numbers over to our network, which enables us to have greater control and accountability for supplying our clients with solid and reliable voice and data connection services. As leaders in our field we offer exceptional service and guarantees, while our world-leading range of Panasonic telephone systems ensure customers have cutting-edge telecommunications at their fingertips.

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